CX Nats - 1999: Men's Elite

US Cyclocross Nationals
The Presidio
San Francisco, December 1999

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Men's Elite Cyclocross Nationals, 1999

San Francisco, CA

Marc Gullickson
1st Place

Through the chicane, over the barricades,
dominating the runups.

Gullickson drops the Saturn team early, holds off a late challenge and hammers to victory.

[Gullickson into Chicane] [Gullickson over barricades]
[Gullickson dismount 1] [Gullickson dismount 2]
[Gullickson smiles at home stretch, Men's Nats] [Gullickson just after finish line, Men's Nats] [Gullickson w/ Press Corps, Men's Nats]

Travis Brown

Rides/Runs a single speed
to 9th place. The rest of us are simply not worthy.

[Travis Brown Over barricades, Men's Nats] [Travis Brown at hairpin dismount, Men's Nats]


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