Brevet Ride Reports & Some References
Close to the Finish - 2007

JimGRide Buddies

You've got to be careful in picking your ride partners... In 2006, I started doing some "mixed-terrain" rides with JimG and Carlos D. These were great all-day rides incorporating a combination of roads, trails and paths through area just north of San Francisco. Towards the end of summer, Carlos started asking me what bike I might ride if I did a brevet. This helped to intensify a nagging curiousity in this type of longer-range, self-supported riding. I'd read their reports from the previous year's 200K - an epic struggle through extremely adverse rains - and had been reading and re-reading Ken P's posts, as well as related articles in Bicycle Quarterly. In short, I blame JimG and Carlos for poking at this itch until I had to scratch it. Carlos D.Of course, they were great resources for questions and good people to spend time with on the roadways, both while prepping for the ride and during the event itself.

Why this type of riding appeals to me, I have no idea. It's the sort of thing you don't really admit to around non-cycling people who don't know you well, as they tend to not to comprehend a ride that (a) isn't a race and (b) is done with solo self-sufficiency in mind. At the time of my first brevet in 2007, I'd never actually done an organized century ride, nor multi-day supported touring or fundraising rides. (But did do the Marin Century in 2007)

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