2009 Current Classics Calendar:

Current Classics
2009 Calendar

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I am just about out of copies of the 2009 Calendar. I had been refunding the shipping to folks who had ordered it directly from me, as a "hey, there are only 7 months left in the year" discount. After those are gone, you will have to order directly from my "store" on

Be aware that* charges $6 "S&H" for Media Mail service. (When shipped directly from me, it was $3 for First Class, which I should be able to offer on the 2010 Calendar.

Here is the link to my store -

* will request that you create a free "membership" and ask you to create a user name and password. They also state that printing will take 3-5 days. My experience has been that the "one-off" printing normally goes fairly quickly. I have now reduced the price to approximately my cost - I think I'm making all of 58 cents on these.

One More Thought -

Given how well received these were, my plan is to do a 2010 Calendar. My plan is to have them available for pre-order much earlier, which should eliminate the "out-of-stock" situation. Please check back here, follow me on Twitter or keep an eye on the blog for further details

Thanks for your patience and support!


If you would like information about how to submit to the 2010 Calendar, please
send an email to

For overseas shipping, or if you would like to send a check or money order, please email me for the address. Thanks!

2009 Current Classics Calendar



updated: May 9, 2009



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