I got my Saluki home last night and I took a very slow 15 minute ride, and a 20 minute ride today. I really can't go much more yet, but within a few weeks I should be ready to ride, I think. Anyway, after my ride today I adjusted the saddle to a more comfortable position.

The saluki has a little longer reach than my rivendell road, 1/2 inch before the saddle adjustment and now 1/4 inch, so not a big deal, and I think my real issue is not reach as much as position over the pedals, and I think that is pretty much nailed down. The bike is very comfortable, heavier than my RIv Road, rear rack and heavier rims and tires I think contribute, but now I have the same fenders on both so I will have to take the Riv out to see how it is now. All in all a very nice ride.

Nice to have a very different bike than my rivendell, now to take the pacer conversion out and see how that stacks up, maybe tomorrow.

-- Joel




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