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1999 Rivendell LongLow (custom with sidepulls) - Updated 1/06

This bike got written up in RR # 18, back when it had upright handlebars and a full rear rack and was ridden every day as my only bike. Made by Joe Starck in 1999, custom with a short top-tube.

Since first building it up as an upright commuter in August '99, I've made some changes: --SunTour XC deraillieur rear, "Riv Special" Simplex der. front --SunTour Power Ratchet stem-shifters (long live stem shifters!) --Rebuilt wheels (Phil hubs, DT spokes, Sun CR-18 rims, Conti Top Tours) --Nitto "Noodle" bars (41cm) and Technomic stem (7cm) --Nitto shortie rear rack.

Carradice LowSaddle in rear and Nigel Smythe's plaid Hobo bag in front (an unexpected Chanukah gift from a friend in Dec. '05, this model fits narrower drops than the standard Hobo bag - shown in top photo - does).

I ride this bike whenever I don't have to carry super-heavy loads or tow a trailer full of stuff. I'm not a jock; with ten-hour days on my feet at work about all Ican handle is my 10-mile RT commute and a Sunday "fun" ride every other weekend or so. But all of those rides are glorious on a bike that fits like a glove.

-- Beth Hamon

Rivendell Longlow - Smythe Hobo Bag detail
Rivendell Longlow - rear quarter view
Rivendell Longlow - side view
This bicycle has been revised - click here for the latest version

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