This Bridgestone RB-T had a bit of an identity crisis. I bought the "Bontrager" from the owner of the LBS. "It was his bike and too nice for him to sell"....for the first week, anyway.....It had Bontrager decals. It had always had the remnants of RB-T on the seat tube and I even emailed Bontrager to verify the model. He wrote back with "That sounds about right". I had no reason to doubt that it was a Bontrager. It was my first "real" bike. He had upgraded to 7 speed STI and there was a real mix of parts. Including a Bontrager dirt drop stem. I had the bike for about 5 years when I decided to clean it up. I had acquired several other bikes and it had become a bit of a beater. I started peeling the decals and noticed that the glue residue on the top tube said Synergy and the down tube said Bridgestone. After help from the I-BOB list I figured it to be a 91 model. Now with new paint, Cane Creek levers, Canti-brakes, 7 speed SunTour friction shifters and Nitto stem its almost "finished". Still needs fenders, racks, head lamp, and bags. The headbadge was hand cut by Mike Flannigan of ANT Cycles.

It's my "go slow and take in the scenery bike".

At first I thought I got took. I paid $400 for it. Now I think I've got something...

Matt Ryan
Troy OH


Bridgestone RB-T - front view

Bridgestone RB-T - front view



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