Well here you go - '02 Gunnar Roadie.

The frame was originally built for a review by one of the bike magazines, I got it after they were done with it and had returned it to Waterford. This is my "go fast" bike. I rack up about 4-5,000 miles annually on this bike. Reynolds 853/TrueTemper OX Platinum tubing, Easton Carpet-Fiber fork. Coda Magic Motorcycle crank & BB combo - is that the weirdest name for a bike part? Record rear/Dura Ace front derailleur, Chorus Ergo levers, Suntour Superbe brakes, Bontrager Racelight wheels.

Russell Jobs
Wauwatosa, WI


(ed. note - Russell was kind enough to ask before sending a bike with *GASP* carbon bits on it... I've put this one in the Gallery as it is a Gunnar (pretty much any bicycle named for a dog is "Classic" to me), has a steel frame with normal geometry and sports an honorable parts pick. Besides, anyone who matches bottle cages and pedals should get points for style...)

Gunnar Roadie - side view

Gunnar Roadie - Magic Motorcycle Crankset
Gunnar Roadie - rear brake view
Gunnar Roadie - headset detail


 Gunnar Roadie - front quarter view

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