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Since I've been nattering on about this project through the iBob, Bicycle Restoration and 650B lists plus the site blog, I thought it should at least have some photos posted somewhere. These were snapped quickly as the Zeus waited impatiently for its inaugural ride.

I've monkeyed slightly with the bar and saddle positioning since these were taken, I have a rack in the garage that may find its way onto the bicycle, and I still need to outline the lugs and install the headbadge. The build is about as Zeus as I could make it. Hubs, Cranks, Pedals, Chainrings, Cable Guides, Shifters and even the 16mm Chainring Bolts and Pump are all stamped "ZEUS".

Had to use longer reach brakes to reach the 650B Rigida Sphinx rims. That's a Baggins Banana Bag from Rivendell hanging off the back, and Panaracer Col de la Vie tires.

More photos to follow.

- Jim

Zeus 650B Conversion Project - side view

Zeus 650B Conversion Project - rear qtr view
The gearing is reasonably knee-crunching:



81.7 96.6
71.5 84.5
63.6 75.1


52.0 61.5

There is an update version of this Bicycle - Click here to see it


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