Hi Jim- here's my second bike and description if you are interested. Keep up the good work!

Submitted for your thought is my second bike- my wet weather rider that also doubles as a basement wind trainer. It started life as a Nishiki Prestige with frame design by Kawamura. Frame size is 53cm.

Most gear on it is original from the late '80's era- GrandCompe brakes, Sugino Crank, Araya rims, Suzue hubs,Suntour, Nitto. The saddle is a nicely padded Giant part, and the 36T chainring is a new Stronglight part- BTW it shifts from 36-52 with ease. Rear wheel mounted computer sensor ring for wind training mileage.

The fenders are by Planet bike and they were a biatch to align to prevent wheel rub- please note the WW1 aeroplane type rigging wire in the second photo that spans the gap between the lower right bar drop and the fender- to pull the slightly warped fender off the tire. Can I safely say this is the only bike on the site with rigging? I think so.

This bike has a light, lively ride that makes me smile. It is a bit soft in the front end when out of the saddle climbing but overall it is a champ. The paint job is the result of having stripped half the original black paint off the frame last spring- then, when needing a winter bike, having to paint over the bare metal with Krylon gray so I could ride it without it rusting out beneath me. Big plans, little time...

Jim Gordon



Nishiki Prestige - side view

Nishiki Prestige w/ rigging cable



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