I don't know if you want these other pictures, but the Bike Friday has a number of Rivendell parts and was built with the Riv philosophy (is there one?) in mind.

It stated life as a flat bar Pocket Lama which is their touring / light duty off - road frame. I had them custom fabricate a the stem to replicate the cockpit of my Rambouillet and sent them a 46cm Nitto Noodle to cut in half and sleeve for packing in it's suitcase. The brake levers are Dia-Comp 287 for V-type brakes. The shifters are DA 9 speed mounted on Kelly Take-Offs. Thomson post with a Brooks B-17. Nitto M-12 mini rack and Planet Bike fenders carefully installed with even margins at the tires. The rear hub is a Sachs 3x7 internal 3 speed. The cassette is a 11-25 8 gear cluster with 9 speed spacers.

All this in an effort to get 8 gears on a 7 speed hub so you can use the 11 tooth high to account for the small wheels. That in conjunction with a 53 tooth single ring on the NOS DA Crank gives a gear range similar to a 700c wheel bike.

The fitting on the left rear chainstay is an air hose fitting that attaches to the female end on the trailer frame that converts the Samsonite suitcase (or any other plastic box or even a piece of plywood for a flatbed) to a trailer. The ride is super smooth and stable despite the small wheels. The long stem and seat mast soak up the bumps the wheels can't. I like to think that if the French constructeurs built a folding randonneuring bike, this would be it....

Thanks in advance....Love your site. Sorry the pictures are bigger than you wanted but I could not figure out how to downsize them...

Nick Marinelli


Bike Friday Pocket Llama - side view

Bike Friday Pocket Llama - front view
Bike Friday Pocket Llama - rear wheel detail
Bike Friday Pocket Llama - front wheel detail


Bike Friday Pocket Llama - derailleur detail

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