Note - Joe lives a car-free life in Missoula, MT. His blog is here. I pestered him to use these shots which he'd posted to the iBob list, although as he said in an email, he was going to take better ones soon. In the meantime, enjoy these and go check out his blog.

I'm a simple guy, and I've always had an urge to have just one bike. I sat down and made a list of what I needed a bike to do without fuss, and this is the result. I'll let you know how it goes. I'm still lukewarm to the gears thing and may soon build an ENO wheel. I get bored listing out all the equipment, but if you have any questions, I'd be happy to answer them!

Build notes:
The Canti-Rom is a versatile frame. It takes true 32mm tires and fenders with no tricks and plenty of clearance left over. The 700x42 IRC Mythos CX fits without fenders. The rear bridge is tapped for fender mounting from below. The only minor annoyance is that the fork corwn is bored out for a recessed allen, which requires a little file work on SKS fender mounting tabs. I am a tough fit, but this is the closest I've come. I have very long legs for my height (6 feet tall with a 93cm inseam), but my arms are normal length. Riv sizing would place me on a 65-66 frame, but a 9.5cm stem+noodles is perfect on this 63cm Romulus.

Specs (for nerds and my own reference):
Frame/fork 63 C-T 2005 CantiRom Rim F Velocity Aerohead 32 Rim R Velocity Aerohead OC 32 Spokes R Wheelsmith 290 14/17/14 Spokes F Wheelsmith 290 14/17/14 Hub F Schmidt SON Hub R Phil Freewheel BB Shimano UN-73 115 (+1 right) Cranks Shimano M-730 110/74 (Q=156, triple chainline=45) Chainring(s) 26/36/46 BioPaceII Chain SRAM PC-48 Cassette/Cog SunTour Winner Pro 13-24 7sp Pedals MKS RMX flat pedals Headset Ultegra Stem Nitto Technomic 9cm Bars Nitto Noodle 46 Tape Bike Ribbon "Eleganza" Brake Levers Shimano BLR-600 Brake(s) Shimano BR-732 Seatpost Ritchey Logic 27.2 Saddle Brooks B-17 Tires Panaracer Pasela 700x"35" Tubes QBP F. Derailler SunTour XCE R. Derailler Shimano Exage GS Shifters Silver DT Fenders SKS P-45, w/"faux french flap" Rear Rack Nitto R-15 "Funny Boy" Front Rack Nitto Mini Front Basket Wald Rear Pump Topeak Road


joe broach

missoula, mt


Rivendell Canti-Rom - headbadge detail

I call the bike my "byRivendell," and who doesn't like metal headbadges?


Rivendell Canti-Rom - side view

3 rings up front and 7 cogs in back seem absolutely ridiculous coming from one-speeds. In fact, I find myself rarely shifting.
I plan to build an ENO fixed/free rear wheel in the future.


Rivendell Canti-Rom - front quarter view

I tried strapping things to the front rack, but I'm just a basket guy. Nice baskets on nice bikes are the future. Just you wait!


Rivendell Canti-Rom - rear quarter view

There are stouter rear racks, but they're just overpacking waiting to happen. The Nitto R-15 lets you place it low and forward, which beats up and backward any day.


Rivendell Canti-Rom - front view

Jim at set me up with a front dynohub that powers a Schmidt E6 lamp. The light is very bright--as promised. Most importantly, it was still bright at 18 degrees last night. The bar tape is fun and reminds me of old badminton racquets--no squawking!


Rivendell Canti-Rom - front mudflap detail
I've taken to making mudflaps from scrap leather. I like a nice balance between stiffness and weight. Those are 31mm tires, there. They say 35, but don't you believe it.  

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