Bianchi SX, built in Japan in 1989.

I purchased it used in 1991 from a bike shop for $185, (the owner traded it for a mountain bike.) Double butted Tange tubing. All original except for the stem, handlebars, brakes and levers (105's), seat, seat post, rack, fenders, front derailleur (105 triple), rear (Deore), axle and chain rings. And left pedal.

I replaced the 42 chain ring with a 40 tooth 'tripilizer' and added a 28 tooth mountain ring. I replaced the 52 with a 48. Why, yes, I am a bike whimp.

The rear light is to keep other bicyclists from riding into me. Curiously the 36 spoke Araya wheels are built with spokes crossing 4 times. I fit 28's under the fenders, but heated the fenders and reshaped them to make it work. The bike has a 46cm seat tube and a 51 cm sloping top tube. The cranks are 165. Why, yes, I am short for an adult.

I have panniers for my 12 mile round trip commute.


Bianchi SX - driveside view






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