here's my pride and joy being my longest owned bicycle to date. it is the second bike purchase i acquired back in 1980.

i am the original owner of this very fine Nishiki Cresta touring machine. it has recently undergone some parts changes as well as having the rear stays cold set to accommodate a modern nine speed drive train. i replaced the crank / BB with Ultegra 6500 series parts and the chain obviously also to work with the new drivetrain.

brakes calipers were changed out to Tektro dual pivot long reach brakes. the levers were changed out to Shimano 600 EX series. the downtube shifters changed to Shimano 600 EX as well. the wheelset is my fave setup for most any bike - Mavic Open Pro / Ultegra 6600 hubs / 32 x 3X . i had to add the Brooks Professional saddle as the finishing piece (i'm such a Brooks man .... what can i say?) .

i own six bikes. five of them are of modern build quality dating back to 2004. this Nishiki out rides the others by a comfort comparison that's unbelievable. yes, it has touring geometry which lends itself to a more smooth ride overall. but, i think there's more going on than the geometry. this frame has always served and pampered me well. the friction shifting is silent and accurate with the original Cyclone II derailleurs and is very quick.

if i'm riding 70 plus miles or doing a Century ride ...... this is the one i prefer to pedal.


Nishiki - driveside view


Nishiki - driveside view


Nishiki - top view
Nishiki - nondriveside view



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