Jersey-built for a Jersey boy. Jim Redcay built lovely frames; every one I remember seeing had unique details: his own lug profiles, cut-outs, cable/casing guides, etc. His fastback seatstay treatment became something of a trademark, though I think I've seen semi-wrap stays as well.

This frame epitomizes my sport-tour geometry ideal. Fast, nimble yet stable, comfortable over long miles and/or bad roads---just a lovely ride relatively unloaded. Has all the doo-dads you'd need for racks and bags, and probably rides pretty well fully-loaded, but I'm not likely to find that out soon.

SunTour, Sugino & Dia-Compe components, mostly (the infamous "JEX Group" of anti-Shimano component makers), with a cool set of overbuilt Phil-hubbed 40h wheels. I'm favoring double cranks with wide freewheels these days, especially when I'm not hauling panniers. Righteous Brooks-n-Nitto in the cockpit. Paint is supposedly a Brian Baylis respray, in a very light blue/purple pearlescent that doesn't much ignite me. The color is a little washed-out in the overview shot.

I'll commute on it when it gets neglected for too long. I seldom wake up early enough to give it the miles it deserves. I'm not worthy.....

Gears Are Good.....

Cheers, PB


Jim Redcay Sports-Tourer - headlug detail


Jim Redcay Sports-Tourer - seat lug detail


Jim Redcay Sports-Tourer - rear brake detail
Jim Redcay Sports-Tourer - headtube
Jim Redcay Sports-Tourer - downtube


Jim Redcay Sports Tourer - side view

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