Univega Sportour (early 80s)

This bike showed up on Craiglist, unused and in fact still in the unopened shipping box. I originally planned to convert it from 27" to 700c, but the original wheels are so nice it seemed a shame not to use them.

I've made a few changes to make it more trail-, hill-, and rain-friendly. Otherwise, I tried to keep as many as possible of the original parts. The rear wheel turned out to have a 6-speed freehub rather than a freewheel.

* Replaced the 118mm BCD (!) SR crankset and 52/42 rings with a 110mm Sugino and 48/34 rings
* Replaced the original 25mm tires with 27x1-1/4 Pasela Tourgards (about 32mm).
* Added SKS 45mm fenders, which fit a bit close but seem to work fine.
The hardest part was getting under the front brake without dragging on the tire in the front.
* Replaced the MKS quill pedals (too narrow and painful) to MKS Touring with clips
* Changed to a plain-silver ITM seatpost (happened to have it), since the fluted original was short (and a bit heavy)
* Rear rack

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Univega Sportour - side view


Univega Sportour - front quarter view


Univega Sportour - headtube detail
Univega Sportour - drivetrain detail



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