This is a Rivendell Rambouillet I bought about a month ago.

Had trouble deciding if I should go with blue or the new green. I wanted it now so blue it was. Had to drive to Conn. to get it (2-1/2 hours each way). Pretty stock bike --

11-32 rear, 48-36-26 front.
Ruffy Tuffy 27mm tires
XT NON-rapid rise rear der
Shimano 105 parts for the most part
That's Brooks Bar tape you see and a soon-to-be-replaced Brooks B17 Honey with copper rivets saddle.
SKS fenders, banana bag (not in picture).

If I had it to do over again, I'd get the Berthoud fenders. I plan to replace the 48-36-26 (170 crank) with a 48-36-24 165 crank to help minimize the severe toe clip overlap. Also, replacing the cheap pedals and mountain bike toe clips with those really nice Specialties TA pedals and medium-sized toe clips that Velo Orange sells (the Italian ones). Might lower the bars a little and there will soon be a hub polisher on the front hub ;)

I like riding this bike as it is very similar to my previous bike, an 18-year old Panasonic DX-3000 (lugged steel, very similar geometry). I got the Ram because I wanted fenders and a triple up front so I could get up the hills.

thanks for putting up these pics.

-- Art


Rivendell Rambouillet - side view


Rivendell Rambouillet - rear quarter view


Rivendell Rambouillet - front quarter view
Rivendell Rambouillet - bars & headtube
Rivendell Rambouillet - rear derailleur



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