Here's the Miyata 110 that I found out for the trash one day.

When I found it, there were no wheels, bent handlebars and the fork legs were bent. I started tearing it down and piecing it back together slowly, but one night I started and couldn't stop, just completing this with whatever I had in the spare parts bin. By 3 am I had a pretty decent bike! Since then I've swapped handlebars to what you see here and I *really* like this bike. If surley can have a "Karate Monkey" I can have this one be a "Bad Monkey." I believe it was originally designed for 27" wheels, but my 700c's fit great.

It's set up sort-of cyclocrossish but I ride it everywhere, more like a Rivendell Atlantis.

Near as I can tell it's about a '87, with lugged triple-butted Miyata steel tubing. Rest of the parts are:
-Dimension Handlebars, w/anatomic bend (Got them for the the 25.4 clamp diameter and cheap price, but they're better than my 3TTT's)
-DiaCompe Aero Levers that I've had for years
-Cheap stem from some Huffy or Murray MTB, but it is the right extension and height
-Shimano headset that was original on the bike - repacked, buffed the cups
-Clamp on donwtube shifters; I replaced the levers with Dark Grey 105 7/Friction levers I've had for a few years.
-Terry Fly Saddle
-American Classic MTB length seatpost (from a fellow iBOB) (I really like thier 2-bolt setup)
-Shimano 600 single pivot sidepulls with new Ultegra pads. May swap out later for centerpulls, but they got clearance for big tires and fenders.
-Shimano cup-and-cone bottom bracket.
-MKS Track pedals, Ale clips and straps
-Sakae Signature crank (stock) with 52/36 rings
-Shimano 600 (I think) fron derailler
-Sram 3.0 rear derailler (yes, it's a 1:1 ratio but it works fine in friction. A little more room to fine tune your shift!)
-Mavic MA40 rims on Campy Record hubs, 6 speed 14-28 freewheel
-Vredestein Campo tires (I'm not a cyclocross racer but these are just good tires)

Obviously it's a real mongrel mix of parts.

After getting it eventually dialed in, this is my new favorite bike.

J.D. Kimple


Miyata 110 - side view


Miyata 110 - rear quarter view





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