Hi Jim.

Thought you might be interested in this one too...

Here’s my Bridgestone MB-3 on about the fifth or sixth of what will surely be nine lives. Has seen duty as the go-to mountain bike, the everyday commuter, the loaded tourer, and the multi-purpose "one bike" with two wheel sets shod with different tires. Probably another life or two I'm forgetting about right now, but always with flat bars, bar ends, and thumbies.

But, recently I decided to build her up as a moustache bar cruiser. Guess I just wanted to give some new life to an old friend to get her more road time. So... time for Nitto technomic and moustache, classic old Suntour bar end shifters and non-aero levers, beefy flat-proof slicks.

Been commuting on her again in this latest configuration, and this bike has definitely become my favorite errand runner/ grocery shopper. I've even swapped the tires out for knobbies and given her a singletrack ride or two.

I like her this way, but am already thinking about her next life. Might try some On One Midge bars (similar to dirt drops), and give her a go as a cyclocrosser this winter.

Versatile, fun bike, but that's no surprise... she's a Bridgestone!




Bridgestone MB-3 - side view


Bridgestone MB-3 - rear quarter view


Bridgestone MB-3 - front hub and fork tips
Bridgestone MB-3 - headtube & moustache bars
Bridgestone MB-3 - top view


Bridgestone MB-3 - Catalog Shot

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