Here are some early shots of my 61cm Bleriot, pre-fenders. Standard Rivendell build with the exception of the Paul Thumbies w/ Silver shifters, a set-up that's similar to the old XO-3 configuration, which I rode for years. To make this work with the longer Silver levers it's necessary to move the Thumbies about 1.5" up-bar from the brake lever mounts to prevent interference with the grip hand position, still leaving a second position on the bends.

The tires are interesting. They're Riv Nifty Swifties and they have the same basic tread as the Ruffy-Rolly 700c tires, but these have a true Rainbow Speedblend pattern on only one side with a tan sidewall on the other. I suspect when they're rolling both sides look brown, but my color theory is not good and I haven't actually seen them in motion. In any event, they add interest, they're durable, comfortable, and fast enough for my commute. I like 'em.

The Paul Flatbead, while very well designed and better built, took some finagling. The headtube is long enough on this frame size that I couldn't use the supplied aluminum bracket attachment and had to substitute a rubberized fender mounting bracket. Even then it was a stretch to make the bracket reach the rack frame, even in the last hole. I can imagine a myriad of ways to extend the bracket, however, so for those of you with larger frames still, expect to employ a little creativity, but no more so than many of the fender mounting schemes I've seen out there.

One last thing - the bike was built by the team at Rivendell and they really did a great job. It was packed with remarkable care and the set-up was ridiculously simple. Adjustments were spot on, and the quality and care of their work was evident at every point. It hadn't occurred to me that they'd tape the bars and apply twine with as much care as I would, but I guess that's how they do things. Thanks and appreciation to Rivendell for both the design and the build.




Rivendell Bleriot - drive side view


Rivendell Bleriot - Handlebar & headtube detail


Rivendell Bleriot - non drive side view
Rivendell Bleriot - front rack detail
Rivendell Bleriot - front view



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