Hi Jim,

As always thanks for hosting all the pics on your website. Love browsing out to see what everyone's riding and displaying. Also, thanks for hosting my Saluki pics too. (The second photo of John's Saluki in the Snow is one of my favorites - ed.)

Way back when I promised to send you pics of my Alex Singer. Well, in my slothful way I've finally done it. Here are several to add to your gallery. Here's a bit of a write up too...

Ever since reading Jan Heine's write up on Alex Singers in a past Rivendell Reader I've wanted one. As I browsed the web and emailed more with Jan the flames were just fueled that much more. In 2003 I finally ordered mine (going through Jan) from M. Csuka and it arrived in 2004, approximately 14 months later.

While M. Csuka will build you an Alex Singer with modern components (see Golden Age of Hand Built Bicycles book for an example) I wanted a very traditional bike. So, with Jan's help we spec'd such things as Jubilee derailleurs, Maxi-Car hubs, Mafac brakes...

Also, my Alex Singer, in addition to front and rear racks has detachable front low riders. I figured they provide me with a bit more functionality - IÕve yet to use them though (need to buy a nice set of GB panniers).

This bike has a very nice ride. Maybe not as "magical" as some claim but quite lovely, with a lively feel. Also, as expected from a "constructeur" of randonneur bikes with several decades of experience the ride is quite comfortable and stable for the long haul.

Thanks Jim,

John Price
Aurora CO



Alex Singer - stem detail


Alex Singer - front rack detail


Alex Singer - bottom bracket detail
Alex Singer - side view
Alex Singer - rear rack detail


Alex Singer - confluence of chrome

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