I had been watching Craig's list all summer hoping to find a great "winter" bike. My old winter commuter, a late 90's Nishiki mtn bike, was in need of more maintenance than it was worth. I decided I would rather start fresh with a "classic" and make it "current" myself. Finally in late August, someone posted a Miyata 18 speed, 215st, no photo. Hmmm, why not...

Well, after I got it, I found myself torn about making it "current". It is like from a time-capsule... original foam handlbar wraps, Miyata-branded tires, factory stock rear-rack, the stem had a little Miyata 'M'-logo attached to the front of it. How cool is all that? Based on things like rim wear, crank rub marks, and the foam condition, I don't think it had 200 miles on it. So, while it is not the most classic, I find it interesting for how original it is.

I decided I'd take a bunch of photos for old time's sake, then I'd winterize it with fenders and better tires. Next spring, after it has paid winter's due, I'll probably finish bringing it current with a moustache bar, better brakes, and maybe even a Brook's saddle.





Miyata 215st - side view


Miyata 215st - front brake & tire


Miyata 215st - gearing
Miyata 215st - top down view
Miyata 215st - top tube



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