Hi Jim

Yet another submission for your Current Classics gallery. This is my much-beloved RB1. Built up in '97 and continuously modified, it currently sports two vintages of Dura Ace derailleurs, a Superbe Pro crank, Chorus post, Salsa stem and Nitto 176 bars. The brakes are cheap Campy dual pivots, mated with old Exage levers. The white hoods complement the seat tube panel and Bridgestone lettering nicely, and feature a little quick-release button, which is nice because the brakes themselves, being Campys, lack this feature. The wheels, like those on the Bianchi 'cross bike, rotate according to mood, but all feature Shimano hubs and 8 speed cassettes. The tight-fitting fenders (not actually rubbing, despite the appearance) are old Bluemels I took off another bike and fitted with Gilles Berthoud hardware. I really love this bike. It has served me well though the years.

Keep up the good work!




Bridgestone RB-1 - side view







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