Hey there Jim,

Here are a few incarnations of my Joe/Joe Rivendell.

First set up is how I ran it when I wanted to ride a lot at night (just for fun, not commuting). I snapped the picture as I was packing away the lighting equip, so it shows a Phil front wheel rather than the Nexus dynamo. Second and Third are my favorite set up: Fast trail riding! This was what I designed and built it up to do and it does not disapoint! I've had fantastic rides on this bike. But then I moved away from trails and had a couple of kids, so the fourth set up is how it currently looks. All kids all the time. Actually since then I've added a Burly Piccolo and Moose rack, so it isn't 100% as shown in the fourth picture. I sent these over to demonstrate the versatility of these bikes. Can really do anything with them. At least that's what I tell myself to justify the cost :-) Just bought a Bleriot to be the new kid hauler, and am now going to put drops on the Rivendell and set it up as my regular road bike. Will send in a new pic to show that set up when I get the Bleriot all done.





Rivendell - rear quarter view
Rivendell - head on view


Rivendell - nondrive side view


Rivendell - Burley Trailer attached



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