Hi Jim,

Here is one more for your gallery.

This one is an Alex Moulton AM14 from 1991. Sporting a full suspension frame, it is fillet brazed using small diameter Reynolds 531 tubing. Known in Brittain as the Rolls Royce of bicycles, this bike is extremely fast, very comfortable and more versatile than any other bicycle I am aware of, with massive carrying capacity. A large rear rack (not shown in pictures) comes off in seconds with a 6mm hex wrench, as do the small rear rack and the front shown here. It is a blast to leave posers in the dust with their latest carbon this or aluminum that on this very original looking machine.

I got this bike a few years ago thinking it would be the only bike I would ever need. Well, it is, but it turns out I keep getting others all the same; I am awaiting delivery of my first custom made frame in the spring.

Most of the components are french: T.A. crankset with 50/60 chainrings, Mavic 501 hubs, Mavic front and rear derailleur from back in the day. There is no escaping Shimano, however; they make the only brakes that are a perfect match to this frame when mounted with fenders/mudguards.

Love your gallery!



(Oslo, Norway)


Alex Moulton AM14 - non drive side
Alex Moulton AM14 - Drive side view







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