Well I've finally got something worthy of sending to the current classics gallery.

I've been lusting after a steel frame bike for over a year and had planned on buying something new. Then, a few weeks ago I found this old Trek 412, that from the sr# was built in May 1980. The bar tape and brake hoods were ratty, and it was covered with 20+ years of garage grunge. The frame looked solid and was my size so I took a chance.

When I got it home and started cleaning it up I basically discovered it was a 25 year old bike in nearly new condition. Interestingly, the components (bars, cable housings, etc) date a year later in May '81. The bike is essentially bone stock except for a few new parts I swapped in while tuning it up.

DETAILS: (from www.vintage-trek.com)
1980-81 Trek 412 25-1/2" lugged steel frame, Ishiwata 022 ChroMo d-b main tubes with straight guage 0265 stays and fork w/ silver brazed Nikko Sangyo long-point lugs; Light metallic blue DuPont Imron paint; original DiaCompe 500 sidepull brakes and pads; orginal Suntout F/R Derailleur and levers; original SR "Custom" crank and handlebars; original Sunshine hubs, 27" Rigida rims - and ready for this...Original Michelin Bib-Sport tires and tubes that still hold air!

Elated with my discovery, I tuned it up and swapped-out some parts for a ride.

New Stuff-
-Brooks B-17 saddle from another bike - still have the Avocet original
-Old Campy Seatpost (I wasn't going to mount my Brooks to the old SR seatpost so I went to a local shop looking for a replacement. Peyton at The Bicycle Spot gave me this post when he saw the bike - Thanks Peyton!!)
-Nitto Dirt-Drop Stem (from another bike - SR custom was too short)
-New DiaCompe Hoods (old gum hoods were shot)
-Bar Tape (I know - should be cloth or cork, but I couldn't find any locally)
-Cheapo bottle cage

I bought this bike planning on swapping out all the compnents for new - but the originals are in such great shape I almost feel bad to do it. We'll see. For now, I'll ride her as-is until I can make up my mind. Given her condition, she might be better in the hands of a collector.

I've only ridden her about 10 miles so far, but for a 25+ year old bike she sure rides nice. I'm planning on taking her out for 20-30 one weekend soon once I have a couple spare tubes and tires on-hand (don't want to risk too long a ride on 25 yr old tires and tubes). Who knows, it might be the first 30 miles on the bike - if only it could talk.

Thanks for a great site. Sure do like seeing all the cool bikes out there!

Best- LL





Trek 412 - driveside view
Trek 412 - rear derailleur detail
Trek 412 -  head tube & fork crown


Trek 412 - Campy seat post


Trek 412 - top down bottom bracket detail



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