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Update to the Takara

- Replaced fork with Tange unit from a fellow BOB member. I did this mainly to get away from the .833" stem and use a standard 1" stem. Not as much rake as the stock fork but not bad. It handles very well.
- Stem is a Nitto Dirt Drop from another BOB member
- Bars are 3TTT Mercx, 44cm. (Probably will be replaced by Nitto B115's, 45cm soon).
- Shimano 105 levers from yet another BOB list member. It needed new hoods, and when the LBS couldn't help out, Harris Cyclery had 'em
- New Tange headset
- Cateye black cloth tape.
- Terry Fly saddle. On other bikes this worked well but on this bike the jury's still out.
- Went back to the original 27" wheels. Araya 27 x 1 1/4 aluminum rims, Sanshin high-flange hubs (these spin so nicely I didn't bother to repack them). Original Maeda 13-34 5-speed freewheel. Performance GT-2 27 x 1 1/4 tires. The tires are certainly satisfactory for the price. In the future I think I'm going with Pasela's however.

As you can see we loaded it up and pulled a trailer full of camping stuff (for the family) on pavement, dirt and gravel roads. It handled very nicely and didn't flex/twist under the load. It feels heavy to lift it but it's not noticed riding. I'll be riding this for a while.

JD Kimple


Takara Road Bike - side view






This bicycle has been updated - click here for the earlier version

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