Hi Jim:

Love your site. I visit it regularly and drool over many a bike.

This bike is my first true build. Each part was specifically chosen by me and I built everything up (including the wheels). I mainly use the bike for longer rides on the weekend in a randonneuring style. The bike is fast, stable, and comfortable. She's a dream to ride.

A selection of components is as follows:

-Surly Pacer 52cm frame
-Ultegra rear derailleur
-FSA compact front derailleur
-Dura-Ace downtube shifters
-Sugino compact crank set: 48 - 36
-Shimano long reach brakes
-Cane Creek compact levers
-Nitto B115 handlebars
-Nitto UI-5GX stem (90mm)
-Campy Record headset
-Campy Centaur seatpost
-Brooks B-17 Champion Special saddle
-Sram rear cassette
-Honjo Fenders
-Carradice Nelson Longflap saddle bag w/ support
-Rivendell Ruffy-Tuffy tires

When I'm outside of the city at night, I'll run a Shimano generator front hub with light in addition to the CatEye LED front.

Pictures of this bike and others are also posted on my flickr account at www.flickr.com/photos/touringcyclist





Surly Pacer - side view
Surly Pacer - tail end view
Surly Pacer - Cork fender spacer detail


Surly Pacer - front quarter view


Surly Pacer - another quartering view



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