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Hi Jim,

I have revised the configuration of my Shogun Prairie Breaker (#236). I have optimized it into my definition of a go anywhere, do anything day tourer. I have been using it as part of my folding Alite 400 "Tin Tent" touring package. With the bike inside and a kayak on top of my Mazda Tribute, I have been on several very enjoyable excursions into Eastern Ontario. I set up camp at a lakeside campground and paddle or pedal as the mood takes me (see last picture).

The changes include:

* New riser handlebars with some sweepback. These are much more ergonomic than the l straight, flat Tioga originals.
*Replacement of faulty XT front shifter with new Alivio unit. This involved a "bossectomy" of the original component (see picture) and has enabled me to retain the original excellent XT "Servowave" brake lever.
*New, rather portly Bontrager Satellite 26X1.5 tyres. Rated at 80psi max, I have found that 60-65psi gives a good compromise between rolling resistance and flotation for all surfaces -including gravel and off-road trails.
* Seatpost mounted Rhode Gear rack; sufficient for mounting a small bag containing camera, binoculars, cell phone, food etc for the day‚s ride.
* 1L "Kleen Kanteen" stainless steel water bottle and cage.
* Finally, a honey Brooks B17 saddle.

Altogether a very happy convergence. For long road distances particularly in headwinds, I would still prefer my Urbanite (#125) -- but only just!





Shogun Prairie Breaker - front quarter view
Shimano Surgery
Shogun Prairie Breaker - top forward vifew


Shogun Prairie Breaker - non drive side


Shogun Prairie Breaker and Friends


This bicycle has been updated - Click here for the earlier version

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