Hey Jim--

got another homebuilt for your website.

I brazed up this frame about six months ago; it's been sitting around patiently as I slowly accumulated parts. The maiden voyage was earlier today in 19 degrees and 30 mph winds-- awesome.

The low-down: True Temper Verus HT tubing, Paragon Machine Works dropouts, and the original Rivendell lugs. I had a local operation powder-coat the frame (the cream color) then went over it with rattle can. The fork is all rattlecan and rattlecan is a frickin waste of time and energy, y'all.

However, for now I have a bike I can ride, even if it's not the prettiest thing.

Nice parts: Brooks, Nitto, Shimano stuff, Suntour brakes, stuff, stuff, stuff.

I can't wait to get out for an early morning ride tomorrow!



Capricorn - side view
Capricorn - top down view
Capricorn - chainstay detail







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