I finally got the pictures off of my crappy camera. Anyway, here are four pics of the bike that I got on 12/26/06.

I've fiddled around with the bike a little since I've taken these pictures - mainly in replacing the middle ring of the crankset with a 38 instead of a 36. The ultimate plan there is to set it up as a half-step plus granny - something like 48-44-26. This is because the half-step plus granny (IMHO) is the ultimate gearing and a 11-32 8 speed cluster is really like an old-school 14-28 freewheel with a couple extra gears on either end.

I've only got 100 miles on it so far (for the last few weeks most of my riding has been at night on my fixed gear) but tomorrow I'm taking it on the ramble James Johnson is arranging.




A. Homer Hilsen - side view
A. Homer Hilsen - front view
A. Homer Hilsen - front quarter view


A. Homer Hilsen - rear quarter





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