Hi Jim,

This is my Trek 950 and it's my Fun bike. This is the bike that I ride when I do not want to set any personal best on anything. This is the bike that I ride to forget about everything! I do most of my short, night rides with this. I even enjoy riding it on long quiet country roads and on trails too.

I found this frame in a flea market held in the Lehigh Valley Velodrome, Trexlertown Pennsylvania in October 1997 and bought it for 30 bucks! It was beat up but repainted to its current color. My main goal was to build it for my son but when I got it home, I realized that it was too small for him. So I inherited it, built it up using all the spare parts that I have accumulated over the years. It was first set up with a mustache bar but in 2003 I decided to make it more of a road bike and I love it in its final form.

My last upgrades were just done recently. I finally got my 12 year old wheels replaced with a new Mavic Crossride, upgrade the drive train from 7 to 8 speeds and replaced the chain rings to a 36 and 50.

ItŐs not my fastest bike but itŐs a great bike.

Bob Torres

New Jersey



Trek 950 - side view
Trek 950 - crank detail
Trek 950 - rear hub & derailleur


Trek 950 - front end detail





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