For your perusal, we have here a trusty Waterford touring bike AKA The Green Witch. After years of tinkering we think it's finally finished. For now, at least. Very comfortable, rides like big ol' black Caddy when it's loaded up. Man, you can rocket full-speed down our nasty-steep driftless SW Wisconsin hilltops darned near blindfolded, leaving troubles a-way behind. We think we've gathered a nice mix of new/new and new/old stuff to make a well-balanced, well-oiled machine. Only thing lacking, now that Silca pump is gone, is some kind of Campy bit. Drat. Or does the "T" wrench in my tool bag count? Send email if you feel like it.

Jock Dewey
Roscoe, IL



Waterford Touring - Out here in the fields
Waterford Touring - front quarter view
Waterford Touring - rear quarter view

Waterford Touring - Fender Flap Detail






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