I've enjoyed browsing through Cyclofiend.com since last fall. It's a great site. It's always a pleasure to see all the bicycles that have been added to the Current Classics section, not to mention all the Rivendells. So, today, after my ride along the Burke-Gilman trail in Seattle, I decided to grab the digital camera, and take a few pictures of my 2003 51 cm Atlantis for your consideration.

The build is based on Rivendell's suggested components. I just added a set of Shimano BR-550 brakes. The Baggins' Bags are a nice addition, and have come in handy when commuting to work. To bad Rivendell doesn't carry them anymore; I would like to have a Boxy Bag. In any case, the Atlantis is the most comfortable bike I've ever owned.


Steve D.

Seattle, WA




Rivendell Atlantis - rigged and ready
Rivendell Atlantis - top down view
Rivendell Atlantis - drive side view

Rivendell Atlantis - front end view


Rivendell Atlantis - tailfeathers




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