Click here to see the first version of this bicycle

Hey Jim, Erik Ewald again.

Thanks for posting the picture of the EM Hour Record bike. I figured it would be a must have for the single speed gallery.

My new Smoothie ES is 100% complete so I wanted to post an update. The wheels are built, the lighting system installed, and she really runs beautifully. A few accessories were added. Velo Orange provided the leather mud flap, leather CS protector, and the spacer mounted brass bell. I splurged on the Brooks D-shaped leather tool pouch to stash my tool kit, then had to get creative in mounting the Jandd HB bag. The stock mount-clamp is a fugly large plastic blob which sets the bag a good 10cm higher than what you see now. My mount is more stable, lowers it even with the top of my bars, and though it's a bit erector-set-ish, I like the functional appearance much better.

It's bitter sweet to have it all done really, because working out all the little details was a very enjoyable process.


Soma Smoothie ES - front quarter view
Soma Smoothie ES - rear quarter view
Soma Smoothie ES - detail view

Soma Smoothie ES - side view





Click here to see the first version of this bicycle

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