Please find attached photo's of my much better half's commuter bike.

This is a Bianchi I built up for Carmen for riding to work and the Gym and everywhere else she goes in Toronto.

The frame was an EBay find, an old Bianchi originally made for 27" wheels. The forks I found at a local bike shop, Urbane Cycles. They are made for 700c wheels, so you'll notice a slight downward slope to the top tube.

The parts are off a few of my road bikes. Lot's of Shimano 600 from two different eras, a beautiful set of Dura Ace hubs with early deep dish rims dating from late 1980's-early 1990's. Ofmega cranks... a real bits and pieces of a bike, but supremely comfortable and stable according to Carmen.

I'll be sure to post photos of her beautiful new steel Bianchi road bike soon...

Andrew Taylor in Toronto


Bianchi Commuter - side view
Banchi Commuter - front quarter view
Bianchi Commuter - rear view







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