hi jim,

i hope the pictures will work... i'm not a great photographer!

this is my john hollands (baltimore area, no longer making frames) lugged steel bike made i had made in 2001. i am using campy chorus components, nitto randonneur bar with cork tape, brooks B-17 honey saddle, MKS platform pedals, some seat bag i can't remember what it is, and a brand-new set of 650B wheels from trinity bicycles in dallas. other than the wheels, this is how i have been running this bike since i built it. i just did the conversion this morning and wanted to show it off.

the wheels are built on my campy hubs that i sent in, and velocity synergy rims, the rear being off-center of course. the tires are panaracer col de la vie. the reason i went to 650B is that the 28mm roly-poly tires i was running were already rubbing the underside of my brakes, and i wanted to go to a bigger tire. i had to get long-reach brakes, and am using the tektos, also from trinity. they work great.

i really love the ride. it's much more cushy, but not sluggish. now i am going to get rack and fender eyelets brazed on front and rear, so i can carry a goodish-sized load when the need arises, and mount the fenders hat have been gathering dust for a few years in my garage.

thanks, jim, for putting this site together. it can be dangerous looking at all these beautiful bikes!

eric zwicky

wallingford, pa usa



Hollands 650B Conversion - rear quarter view
Hollands 650B Conversion - tire clearance detail
Hollands 650B Conversion - nondrive side view

Hollands 650B Conversion - front end detail


Hollands 650B Conversion - drive side view




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