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I hope you will enjoy my new heavy metal baby, which I just finished building up last week. The surrounding of the bike is what I see looking out my window in my hometown Berlin.

The frame is an old Battaglin from the early 90's, which was impossible to be sold, after aluminum had taken over the market completely. Whole the production of about 600 pre-produced frames went into stock, only to come out last year to be sold to a friend of mine, who is selling them now one by one cheaply.

I built it up mainly with latest Ultegra parts. Only "historic" component is the Cinelli Frog stem, which I dearly love. In fact the Frog is what I began with, building the bike around that centre part! The bar is a Syntace Racelight 7075, possibly one of the best drop bars in the market today - extremely comfortable in any grip position.

Just to avoid misunderstanding: It wasn't my goal to build up a "retro" bike - I know quite well, what a "retro" would look like. I have ridden several "retro" bikes for the longest part of my life, before they were retro! I wanted a beautiful race machine with well working parts for everyday use and it is my official ride now for sporting our Berlin training tour, mainly because I refuse to put my bubble butt on one of these modern tinplate roadsters! (Shitty ride they give, don't they?)





Battaglin - front quarter view
Battaglin - head on view
Battaglin - seat collar lug

Battaglin - rear quarter view


Battaglin - side view
This bicycle has been updated - Click here for the latest version



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