I've enjoyed checking the site from time to time over the past few years, and have finally decided to send you some pics of what I consider my "current classic"-a mid-'90's Sebastopol, CA built Ibis Ti Mojo. When I dropped out of the cycling scene in about '97-'98, this was my dream frame. So when I started to cycle again last summer, I decided that I would hunt down a clean used one and build the bike that I had always wanted.

I first found a 20.5 in. steel frame w/a custom paint scheme by Erica Floric, but that wound up being too compact (I'm 6'-5" and built like a swimmer). After looking a bit further, a local collector (only 10 mins. from my house!) put up for sale a 21.5 in, Ti Mojo w/handjob that was very clean cosmetically. Even though it was a few more duckets outta my pocket than I wanted to spend, it was too good of an opportunity to pass up.

Needless to say, I bought the frame and spent the next few months acquiring clean used or NOS parts from ca. '97-'99 that would complement the bike:

-used Ibis Ti bars
-used Ibis Aluminum stem
-NOS Ibis Rosies bar-ends
-used Chris King HS
-NOS Deore XT M739 shifters
-NOS Avis SD 2.0L levers
-used Deore XT M739 V-brakes
-NOS XTR M950 front and rear derailleurs
-almost new Deore XT M739 crankset (IMHO, the most beautiful generation of XT cranks made)
-used BeBop pedals w/new cleats
-new IG90 chain
-NOS XTR M900i cassette
-NOS XTR M950 hubs
-NOS Mavic X517 SUP rims, hard-anodized version
-Wheelsmith double-butted spokes
-Lightly used, UBER-RARE Canadian 425mm Syncros seatpost
-New Vicious Cycles rigid steel fork w/canti tabs only, no discs here!

Hope everyone enjoys the pics! Not an insanely light bike, but comfortably set up for the street and commuting...

Wendell Milburn




Ibis Ti Mojo - drive side view
Ibis Ti Mojo - rear drive details
Ibis Ti Mojo - levers detail

Ibis Ti Mojo -cranks detail


Ibis Ti Mojo - saddle and post




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