I thought I would try sending a few photos of my newly re-painted Atlantis which has also been retro-fitted with S&S couplings. The paint had become very marked up over the years, and if truth be told, I have always felt that the colour really belonged on a Bianchi. After lugging the bike in its box through countless airports, onto trains, buses, rental cars and taxis (try doing that at 11 PM in Paris! At least I could bumble along in passable French). I asked Chris DeKerf (who is best known for his mountain bikes) to do the work. I think it went rather well.

Other than the couplings, the build is fairly standard, middle of road Shimano type bits with Sugino cranks and various Nitto eye candy. The fenders and bags are Berthoud. This is the bike I use for touring, commuting, going to the store, riding on fire roads and anything else I can think of. I hope everyone enjoys it

Chris McPherson
Vancouver, BC



The "before" shot, on tour in Morocco

Rivendell Atlantis - original finish on tour in Morocco


Overall view of the re-painted bike:

Rivendell Atlantis - S&S Coupled & repainted side view


Top tube, showing the coupling (and very well worn Brooks saddle):

Rivendell Atlantis - coupling detail


Fork, showing a couple of braze-ons I had added. One is for the mini rack on it right now, the other is for a full on touring rack.

Rivendell Atlantis - added braze-ons


Dynamo Hub:

Rivendell Atlantis - dynamo hub



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