Ahoy matey!

Here are some pics that Claire took of her bike when it wasn't *quite* finished. The only differences now are the addition of toe clips, the Nitto bottle cages, a frame pump, and a fake poppy mounted to the front of the bag. Oh, she also lowered the stem quite a bit, being the go-fast chick that she is.

It's a pretty standard Riv build, with a few blinged-out bits here and there, like the blue headset spacer, lugged stem, some fancy fender/rack installation tricks, and the "custom" rear reflector mounted inside the unused centerpull cable guide.

It is a lovely bike, and even though it's too small for me, I steal rides on it whenever possible. Rock solid, responsive, and the ride is as smooth as a baby's butt.

More pics here: http://www.flickr.com/photos/clairezahnd/sets/72157594249033271/



Rivendell Saluki & Otis


Rivendell Saluki - rear brake detail
Rivendell Saluki - front end detail
Rivendell Saluki - Lug Detail
Rivendell Saluki - front honjo fender spacer detail




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