Hey Jim,

I don't know if these pictures are up to snuff, but I've always wanted to submit a bike or two to the gallery. I think this one would work well in Current Classics, although given its age, it's a little more classic than current.

While I was taking pictures, I was almost run over by a Segue scooter tour. I ask you, which is the more elegant and dignified form of transportation?

Raleigh Competition, 531 with Nervex lugs made in the Carlton works. I've got it set up as a gentleman's city bike, to get me around in style. It's actually quite light as well, at a little over 23 lbs. The only frame modification is the barrel adjuster I've installed in the rear brake cable stop.

Specs for the geeks-

Nitto Technomic stem and Dove bars, Shimano Deore "thumb" shifter pulling a Campy rear derailleur. Weinmann levers pulling Dia Compe center pull brakes with Kool Stop pads. Nice and loud!

Kalloy seatpost holding up a Brooks on it's last legs. Some days it feels like it's part of me, and other days it feels like I'm sitting on a horseshoe with the nails still in it.

Shimano 600 drive side crank with a Tourney off-side crank. Only god and Picasso can see it from both sides. Shimano(?) 8 or 9 speed chain.

The wheels were lucky finds; the rear is a 32 spoke Mavic 501 hub laced to a Mavic Open 4CD rim. I picked that up at the Trexlertown swap meet. The front is a Mavic 501 36 spoke laced to a MA40 from Craigslist. Smooth as french cream these hubs are. Wrapped in heavy duty Panaracer T-SERV paselas.

I re-packed the original headset, and I threw in an older, unused 105 bottom bracket. The gearing works out well for a flattish city like Philadelphia, 40t in the front, and 7 speed 13 to 23 in the back (I think).




Raleigh Competition - front end view


Raleigh Competition - rear quarter view
Raleigh Competition - front end detail
Raleigh Competition & the Wheeled Borg
Raleigh Competition - saddle detail & pod people
 Raleigh Competition - rear hub detail
 Raleigh Competition - top tube detail




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