Hi Jim,

I've been intrigued with the notion of putting together a 650B bike to play with. I picked up an old Trek 460 recently with this intention. I had some old parts lying around and just had to come up with the rims, tires, and brakes. The frame vintage is 1985.

I put on a Suntour Superbe Pro rear derailleur, Rigida Sphinx rims, Col De La Vie tires, Weinman Vainqueur brakes, Nitto handle bar with Suntour barends. Rear hub is an old Campy 8 speed converted to handle 9 or 10 speed. Front hub is a Mavic 531. I topped it all off with an old Ideale saddle. I'm running a 53 x 39 crank set with a 13 x 26 9 speed cassette. I may shop around for a cheap compact crank cause I will be riding this bike off road. I took it for a quick test ride and it handles really well! Braking was an interesting experience. I'll be looking for some better brake pads!!! If any of your fans have any recommendations I'm all ears.

Thanks, Rich



Trek 460 650B Conversion - side view


Trek 460 650B Conversion - front quarter view
Trek 460 650B Conversion - rear quarter view
Trek 460 650B Conversion - drivetrain detail
Trek 460 650B Conversion - nondrive side




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