Cool site. I have a lot of bikes that would look good there. For starters, here is my wife Deanna's brand new Davidson touring bike. I am Bill Davidson's partner, so I designed this bike for her. It uses 26 x 1.25 tires and is built from Reynolds tubing and vintage Nervex lugs and long Campy dropouts, with S and S couplings. Bill Davidson is still building (since 1973) and did a lot of the work on this bike himself. It was painted in our shop by our expert painter Ryan Farrell. The parts are mostly new including Shimano Dura Ace, XTR, Brooks saddle, Campy post, ttt bars, and Honjo fenders, with a few vintage parts like the ttt stem, Silca pump, and an actual Jack Taylor rack modified to fit. While it has a stunningly beautiful paint job, this little beauty ain't no garage queen, as you can see from the conditions on her inaugural ride in the Washington Cascades! We traversed about a half mile of washed out roadway, fording the river several times and climbing over rocks and trees. Then there was the 8 miles of gravel over Jack's Pass, two miles of which was up at 9%. She is also using it for commuting to work and it will go touring in Italy with us in a couple weeks, where we will also ride in L'Eroica. cheers!

Bob Freeman

Seattle, WA



Davidson Touring - side view


Davidson Touring - drivetrain detail
Davidson Touring - front end detail

Note - I don't normally include any photos with recognizable people in them, but these caught me at a weak moment - plus they were pretty cool...nothing like nature kicking back at our petty attempt to train it.





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