This is my Bleriot '2.0'.

I never posted pictures of the original but if you poke around you can find plenty of Bleriots; for this I apologize.

I also have not had the initiative to put the fenders back on: I live in a rather dry place.

You will notice that not only is it not a stock Bleriot color, but you may notice it has downtube shifter bosses, apparently. Some observers will notice hourglass bosses on the front fork as well.

The remainder of the mods include, but are not limited to, threading of various members for easier installation of fenders.

In lieu of a Saluki and TA cranks, I have invested in lighting and bags. Although the TA is tempting.


Rivendell Bleriot - side view


Rivendell Bleriot - front quarter view
Rivendell Bleriot - big baggins

Rivendell Bleriot - front end view

Rivendell Bleriot - Berthoud bag detail



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