Hi Jim,

I noticed a dearth of Romuli in your galleries, so here's a few pictures of mine that I shot this morning. I purchased the frame/fork this summer from the iBob list, and spent over a month getting it all together and mostly working. Anyway, it's a nice ride now that it's done.

- 61 cm frame
-Silver shifters with Sora (fr) and Tiagra (rr) derailuers. Expensive deraileurs don't seem to matter much with friction shifting, and these were nice and silvery.
- Panaracer Pasela tires, 32mm wide. They measure just under that, and fit nicely with the SKS fenders. Still, I might switch back to my Ruffy Tuffys--these feel too much like 27x1-1/4 bike boom tires.
- Nitto bar and stem
- B17, to fit the bike, but I just really don't get along with this saddle. It will come off this weekend and be replaced with my comfy Bontrager plastic saddle.

About the sculpture: this is one Dublin's public artworks. Chief Leatherlips was a local Wyandot Indian here in Central Ohio who got along with both the natives and the whites. The white settlers named him Chief Leatherlips due to his reputation for never breaking a promise. The story is he was executed by other Indians in 1810 for being too friendly with the whites. The sculpture was built from local limestone and finished in 1990.


Eric D

Dublin, OH




Rivendell Romulus - at the facade


Rivendell Romulus - side view


Rivendell Romulus - downtube detail
Rivendell Romulus - front end detail

Rivendell Romulus - rear quarter view




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