Hello again!

I have had this bike for about 2 years and I think it is now in enough of a final build state to send in a few photos.

Bridgestone fans will recognize it as a '93 B-stone MB-2 that has been converted to a road touring/commuter rig. This frame with it's original Ritchey-designed "twin-plate" fork were sold to me with a lot of scratches in the original tomato-red paint, but no major damage or rust so I figured the $400-plus re-paint at cyclart would be worthwhile. Some folks may call that crazy, but I love the result and think it adds a lot to the value of the bike. The color is somewhat of a departure from the original since it was only offered in white and red.

My idea here was to emulate the idea of "mountain bike turned road touring bike" page from the back of one of the b-stone catalogues, I think from the late 80's, with a modern touch. The drivetrain is shimano 9-speed with a ritchey WCS 34-50 crankset. This required the use of a shimano triple BB to get clearance for the inner chain ring. Seems to have worked out great so far. Bar end shifters, aero brake levers and older XT cantilevers complete the parts spec. The Nitto dirt drop stem and swept-back nitto bars of course, are the keys to achieving a comfy upright position for this bike. Load-carrying is handled in style with the standard Nitto rear rack. Mid-size SKS fenders just in case I want to go with knobbies and take it somewhere a little more rustic.

With the Carraice rack-top bag I can handle only a day's worth of stuff or a change of clothes for commuting. Eventually it will have matching rear panniers, and at most, a handlebar bag to complete the baggage. My ideal trip on this bike would not exceed 3-4 days un-supported. Most likley it will be a credit card tourer.

Love the website and keep the photos coming everyone, they are great!





Bridgestone MB-2 - side view


Bridgestone MB-2 - front quarter view


Bridgestone MB-2 - rear quarter view
Bridgestone MB-2 - biplane detail





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