Hello again!

Here is my latest acquisition! Bought & built up a De Rosa - just couldn't resist, when Doriano De Rosa offered it to me. Hope you like the looks of it. Happily I found the right Dura Ace brake levers for it (BL-7402 that is).

Gruppo is Dura Ace all through, including seat post, headset and hubs. Rims are Mavic CXP 33 (what wonder, I use CXP 33 for all my bikes!!), saddle is Selle Italia SLR Gel Flow. Quill stem: 3ttt Evolution and handle bar is 3ttt Forma Sl. Pedals are a bit out of order: Shimano PD-A 520, but I prefer SPD for all bikes for more ease of walking like a human, not a penguin! Ah - bottle is Sigma, most importantly...

I might shorten the ends of the handle bar by half of an inch or so at next necessary change of tape! (Advice welcome!). And please note the well laid out speedo wire! See the difference to that wire-wrap-ruined Mercian Vincitore, I added as a not-to-do sample.

While my Battaglin is more the typical crit racer with its stiff and steep geometry, the Primato is a stage race machine for long distances.Anyway it rides like a dream!

The weather doesn't allow for better photos, better surrounding respectively at that time of year. Let's see, what I can do next spring.

Vincent Kluwe-Yorck

P.S. I think to have made clear, that I am really a full hearted Campy lover ... I can see, why the Skeleton Coast is called Skeleton Coast. Dozens of ships stranded with hundreds of seamen killed. Is that the reason, why Campy is producing now Skeleton Brakes?!? I knew that Campy brakes have been known for ages to be somewhat shitty, had them long enough myself. But I didn't realise, they are THAT bad nowadays?





DeRosa Primato - side view


DeRosa Primato - front quarter view


DeRosa Primato - rear quarter view
DeRosa Primato - handlebar detaileditorial comment





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