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Sorry it took so long to get back to you about this. Attached please find some photos of my Litton Randonneur.

The full set can be found at:

The frame was ordered in 2006. A lot of the inspiration on my side came from Bicycle Quarterly and the many articles on frame geometry and bike reviews. The rest of the input came from Ed's years of experience as a frame builder. The head tube angle is 73 degrees, the fork rake is 55 mm. Ed built the front rack upon which I'll use a Berthoud front bag. The main purpose for the bike will be brevet riding, however Ed will build a second fork with less rake. I'll use that 2nd fork when I configure the bike with no front rack/load. Originally I had intended to have chrome plating of the fork ends and drop outs but I dropped that idea due to a variety of reasons.




Ed Litton Randonnuer - side view


Ed Litton Randonnuer - saddle & seat cluster


Ed Litton Randonnuer - rear brake detail
Ed Litton Randonnuer - pump mount detail
Ed Litton Randonnuer - front end detail
Ed Litton Randonnuer - drivetrain detail


This bicycle has been updated - click here for the newest version



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