Customised Crescent Mini

Swedish Crescent folder from circa 1965 according to this website (, repainted white. Not technically a folder in the modern sense, more of a break-apart as the top tube can be detached from the seat tube, but still considerably smaller than when it's assembled.

Interesting features include the 2 speed Sachs Duomatic rear hub, the recognisable crescent chainring, and a standard lock which is pretty uncommon in modern bikes sold in Australia anyway.

Quite heavy for its size as it's all steel, but rides really well, though initially the duomatic's backpedal brake/gear change takes a little getting used to.

Some more pics at:


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Crescent Mini  - in the field


Crescent Mini  - hub detail


Crescent Mini  - drivetrain detail
Crescent Mini  - headtube detail
Crescent Mini  - wheel lock detail




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