I think you need a Ross section, so here is my 1983 Ross Mt. Hood. I bought it new in 1983, rode it for college (daily), grad school (weekly), early job (rarely), and now (weekly when the weather is nice). I credit Ross for popularizing the mountain bike: They had a full line in 1983 when Trek just had one bike. I couldnt get a fancy chrome Mt. McKinley (I think they called it) like my friend Rich, so it was the black (and gold rims/hubs) Mt. Hood. It has Ishiwata 024 tubing, SR Sakae crank, SunTour derailleurs and shifters, and Dia Comp cantilevers with huge motorcycle style levers--all original. Back then I added Specialized aluminum fenders and cut the 'bull moose' bars shorter (they were super long and still are heavy). More recently I painted the fenders and bars black. Then I added the bar extenders ( I know they are backward and too inboard, but it helps my sore old back be more upright). I found an old Union generator light I got at a Schwinn dealer years ago in the basement and on it went, too. Lastly, the bottle cage up top for ease. Then, thinner tires for the less seasoned rider. The Lance Armstrong sticker reminds me to keep peddling when I want to coast. I will keep it forever. It is my cheapest, yet most favorite bike: very comfortable geometry, and it has a very utilitarian (or something) look to it. I thought it was unique, then I moved recently and my next door neighbor has the identical model but still all original with the chrome bars, the fat tires, no fenders, etc. Interestingly, he also says it is his favorite bicycle too, for the same reasons. They really got it right.

eric elwood

peoria, illinois





Ross Mt. Hood - side view


Ross Mt. Hood - front quarter view


Ross Mt. Hood - Front end detail
Ross Mt. Hood - Light rigging detail
Ross Mt. Hood - cockpit view




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